A collection of snacks in the Philippines

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Nissin’s butter coconut biscuits

Everyone loves these tiny golden brown biscuits.  They are sweet, crunchy and perfect for a little snack!

Who knew butter and coconut would mix so well? As a kid, I adored these biscuits.  They were greasier back then, came in white packaging and had a thicker coating of sugar.

One packet contains 20% of your saturated fat RDA and it has no vitamins whatsoever.

Whoa.  Who cares?  I’ve just eaten 4 packets. 😀

Golden brown crunchies!

Corn Bits special

I recently wrote about Boy Bawang.  It’s the cornick for the masses.  But what about cornick for sophisticated people?

The undisputed gourmet cornick award goes to W.L. Foods Corn bits special.

Corn bits special is an amazing blend of green peas, peanuts, corn, cracker nuts, and cracker pillows.  It makes snacking on cornick quite fun as the various flavours and crunchy textures never fail to tantalize my tastebuds.

Corn bits special contains a whopping 36% RDA of FAT and 311 mg of sodium!  Who cares ?  It’s delicious!

Boy Bawang

In the 90’s whenever you think of corn snacks, Safari was the first snack that came to mind.  It was the undisputed king of cornick. Not anymore.  Boy Bawang has come and has succesfully upstaged the king from its throne.

Manufactured by KSK food producs, this Fried corn snack weighs in at a whopping 20% RDA of saturated fat per serving and an enormous 230mg of Sodium per serving.

Boy bawang is known for its garlicky flavour and its garlic bits.  Everyone loves bits of fried garlic in their cornick or fried peanuts.  Boy Bawang has even injected itself into our popular culture by having a super hero character named Boy Bawang appear  on popular kids show Super Inggo.

I know a lot of People love Boy Bawang, but I’m not one of them.

Personally I prefer Safari. Chili garlic flavour.


Oishi has a lot of delicious snacks.  One of these snacks is the Pillows line of sweet cream filled crackers.

There are two popular flavours out on the market.  Chocolate Pillows and Ube Pillows.  It is a winning combination. Sweet chocolate or Ube cream is injected inside a “pillow” of semi-crunchy cracker dough. Very innovative and very delicious.

However Oishi has tried to make a savory snack using the same formula for their sweet line of Pillows.  The result: Cheese flavored Pillows. A disaster.

Cheese flavored Pillows are practically the same as the Chocolate or Ube Pillows the difference being that “Cheese” is inside the pillows.  It is disgusting.  The Cheese is not real cheese but cheese powder. The same  Cheese powder used to flavor various cheese chips.

So what you get is really cheese powder cream. Yuck.

Surprisingly, This snack has 35% RDA of Vitamin A.  It veers away from the vitamin-less trend of Oishi.  I guess since this snack tastes absolutely disgusting they had to think of a way to draw in customers.

Bread Pan

This snack’s name is a combination of two words.  Bread and the Spanish word Pan which also means bread.

Oishi’s bread Pan snack is named appropriately.  You get slices of toasted bread coated with various flavor powders.  The most popular flavor is the cheese and onion flavor.

What’s not to like about Bread pan?  It’s delicious, cheap and more filling than your ordinary potato chip.   However it’s even worse in terms of Saturated Fat content. You get 25% RDA of Saturated Fat in your 1 serving of Bread Pan (30g). Plus, Bread Pan doesn’t even have any vitamins!

0% RDA of vitamins.  I don’t think Oishi has heard of the term “enriched flour.”