A collection of snacks in the Philippines


E-aji dip snax

You really have to admire San Miguel Mills for bringing out the unique line of chips and dips that make up E-aji Dip snax.

The E-aji line of chips is known for being packaged with a dip.  There are numerous dips ranging from mayo to tomato salsa (my personal favorite.).  When it first came out, I thought it was the greatest snack ever.  Until I realized that you need a table to eat the chips.

How can you hold the dip, hold the bag of chips, and eat a chip with only TWO hands?  This makes E-aji a bit more cumbersome than the ordinary chip.

However the dip makes the bland tasting chips (no msg!) seem delicious and its really easy to get into the addictive rhythm of chip, dip and eat.

I discovered an interesting / gross way to eat these hollow E-aji fries.  Put a fry your mouth like a straw, suck up the dip and as soon as the dip touches your lips, stop.

Then eat the fry.  The fry should now be totally filled wih dip.

I hate it when some half-cocked artist infatuated with anime tries to draw for advertisements.  In this case, they hired a dragon-ball Z obsessed artist and he drew what appears to be Goku eating chips.  Blecch.

E-aji is the only snack so far that I have seen fortified with Vitamin C.  15% RDA of Vitamin C to be exact.  However it has some not so good stuff in it too.

  • Saturated fat is at 25%
  • Sodium clocks in at a whopping 370 mg or 15% RDA

The sodium is HUGE. But then again 1 Large E-aji bag contains 1 serving of Chips while a Large bag of Piattos contains three servings with around 150mg of sodium each!

So E-aji is a bit healthier than Piattos but by not that much.  Yum Yum Yum.  Pass the sweet chili sauce please..  I’m making sauce filled fries!