A collection of snacks in the Philippines



Oishi has a lot of delicious snacks.  One of these snacks is the Pillows line of sweet cream filled crackers.

There are two popular flavours out on the market.  Chocolate Pillows and Ube Pillows.  It is a winning combination. Sweet chocolate or Ube cream is injected inside a “pillow” of semi-crunchy cracker dough. Very innovative and very delicious.

However Oishi has tried to make a savory snack using the same formula for their sweet line of Pillows.  The result: Cheese flavored Pillows. A disaster.

Cheese flavored Pillows are practically the same as the Chocolate or Ube Pillows the difference being that “Cheese” is inside the pillows.  It is disgusting.  The Cheese is not real cheese but cheese powder. The same  Cheese powder used to flavor various cheese chips.

So what you get is really cheese powder cream. Yuck.

Surprisingly, This snack has 35% RDA of Vitamin A.  It veers away from the vitamin-less trend of Oishi.  I guess since this snack tastes absolutely disgusting they had to think of a way to draw in customers.


Bread Pan

This snack’s name is a combination of two words.  Bread and the Spanish word Pan which also means bread.

Oishi’s bread Pan snack is named appropriately.  You get slices of toasted bread coated with various flavor powders.  The most popular flavor is the cheese and onion flavor.

What’s not to like about Bread pan?  It’s delicious, cheap and more filling than your ordinary potato chip.   However it’s even worse in terms of Saturated Fat content. You get 25% RDA of Saturated Fat in your 1 serving of Bread Pan (30g). Plus, Bread Pan doesn’t even have any vitamins!

0% RDA of vitamins.  I don’t think Oishi has heard of the term “enriched flour.”

Pods pea snack

Welcome to Philippine Snacks, an offshoot blog of the Bacolod Food hunters.

Our first snack to be reviewed is Oishi’s Pods pea snack.

The packaging is pretty nice and it has numerous little signs with information about the product.

  • Baked, not fried
  • No artificial coloring
  • Rich in Fiber
  • Excellent source of iron
  • No msg
  • Rich in fiber
  • 55% green peas
  • Vegetarian Snack

The chips are shaped liked pea-pods.  They are not oily to the touch and they taste like Unshelled peas. Very unusual but not unpleasant.

I like this snack.  Its quite different from the normal potato/corn chips that have saturated the Philippine market.  Plus it’s kinda healthy despite the high sodium content.

Nutritional Info found at the back of the package.

Note: Information presented on the Nutritional information may be inaccurate compared to the real packaging. Please refer to the original packaging.